Amazon Hub Counter: Everything You Need to Know About It

Due to the pandemic, online shopping is gaining popularity. Online shopping is becoming more popular than traditional in-store experience.

This has put a greater demand on traditional mail delivery systems, which are overburdened and already in crisis. To offer better customer service, Amazon hub counters were created to make online shopping and returns easier and safer.

What is Amazon Counter?

These modern delivery options are a great alternative to traditional USPS or other traditional delivery services. Customers can receive their Amazon orders from them without having to visit a secondary location.

Amazon saves money through streamlining logistics. Customers can also pick up their deliveries in the same area as usual.

  • Amazon Hub Counter: This pickup location allows staff to scan and retrieve Amazon packages behind a counter. These counters are usually found in banks, convenience stores, and coffee shops.
  • Amazon Hub Lockers: are similar to the above, but self-service is used instead of staff. The packages are simply dropped off by an Amazon Flex driver or Amazon delivery driver. They are picked up by the customer whenever it is convenient.

The Benefits of Amazon Hub Counter

  • These lockers are convenient and customers often use them. You can fill up your gas tank and walk around to the side of the building until you reach a row of lockers. Or, you could go inside to get a package.
  • This will also stop porch pirates from stealing packages from your doorsteps, especially for those who live in multi-unit apartments.
  • A pickup window can be reserved up to three days in advance. This gives you plenty of time to make arrangements to get to a destination prior to or after work.

How does the Amazon Hub Counter work?

It is important to identify the locations that are most relevant to your daily activities in order for Amazon pickup counters to be organized. The only problem is that Amazon must fulfill these orders directly and not third-party suppliers. You can use the system by following these steps:

  1. Shop on and through your Amazon mobile app
  2. Choose a locker/pickup location from the available list in your area
  3. When it is delivered, you will receive an email or text message with a pickup code
  4. Counter pickup often includes a QR code, or barcode, to scan
  5. The attendant will then be able to either enter your code in the self-service locker or show you your barcode at a counter.
  6. You can open the locker and receive your package immediately

Amazon already has your email address in your profile so they know which areas to recommend for delivery.

You should also keep in mind that lockers not located at Amazon are not eligible for delivery. Before you commit, make sure that the Amazon logo is visible on lockers. Many apartment blocks contain boxes that are not from Amazon. This can lead to confusion.

You can return the item to Amazon if you are not satisfied. You will receive a code to enter or scan during the return process via the app and website.

Amazon Counter vs. Locker

The main difference is that self-service works inside your pickup location, whereas the attendant does not. Although self-service kiosks can be convenient, it can be awkward if there are others watching.

Because you are in public, the counter service is more secure. You can also place orders for your favorite beverage or order groceries while you wait to receive your package.

Users Feedback (Pros & Cons)

Because they use Amazon for so many other things, users love the convenience of the Amazon ship to Amazon lockers. This app allows you to shop on your mobile device and is great for those items that you don’t want to buy at a big-box store.

Other pros are:

  • Avoid porch pirates
  • In the event of severe weather, there is no need to sit and wait.
  • For gifts or surprises, hide items from family members
  • Ideal for apartment complexes that do not require doormen
  • A simple return process acts as an Amazon dropbox
  • There is no additional charge for either service
  • Select areas offer same-day or one-day shipping
  • Deliveries are made to your locker. You do not share
  • It’s a great way to support local businesses


  • Only Amazon-fulfilled products
  • The value must not exceed $5,000
  • Must fit in the locker and be less than 20 lbs
  • It cannot be used with Subscribe and Save items

FAQS | Amazon Hub Counter

What are Amazon Hub Hours and what do they mean?

It all depends on where the Amazon pickup is taking place. Apartment block lockers can be accessed 24/7. However, those in other businesses will need to check the hours of those stores or cafes.

What are Amazon Hub Locations (Amazon Hub Locations)?

These are the locations for Amazon drop boxes, pickup lockers, and counters. These locations can include grocery stores, local businesses, and coffee shops. These stores can be found when you go to the website or in the app.

What is the Shelf Life of Amazon Hub?

It all depends on whether you’re using a locker or a counter. A locker can be picked up within 3 days, including weekends. Counters have a 7-day window. If you do not return the item, your full refund will be given.

What is the Cost of an Amazon Locker?

These lockers are completely free to use. They are free to use, and you still have to pay the standard shipping charges as if it was your home address. They are a great way for you to get your deliveries.

Amazon Hub is Only Available for Amazon Packages

As of right now, only Amazon products can be delivered to lockers and counters. Because of the difficulty in predicting delivery times, third-party sellers are not eligible for this program.

What if I want to return items through Amazon Lockers?

It is possible to return items. Simply indicate that you wish to return an item to your account. The attendant will then need to enter the code or provide the QR code. More information

What items are eligible for delivery to an Amazon Locker/Counter?

This is very similar to the USPS. Items containing hazardous materials cannot be sent. The package must fit in the locker. Any item that is more than 20 pounds, or worth more than $5,000 will be flagged as ineligible.

Is the Amazon Locker available in my Apartment Complex? If so, will the package be delivered there automatically?

You must indicate that you want to use Amazon Hub during checkout. This is how Amazon will know that you wish to receive your package at a counter or locker location. If you opt into the service, the delivery driver will place your items in a locker.

How to Find Amazon Counter or Locker?

Simply browse to and search by address or zip code. You will see all locations in the returned results.

Free Tip Use the QR code from the Amazon Hub Locker to add the Amazon Hub Locker address.

Conclusion | Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon Hub’s purpose is to make Amazon shoppers’ lives easier. Amazon wants to make it easier for customers to use its click-and-collect service. To access the locker, you need to enter a code or scan a barcode at a counter.

These are a more convenient, secure, and private way to receive bulky mail, especially for apartment dwellers. If you are looking to purchase cool items on Amazon soon, why not give Amazon Hub counter a shot?

We hope you found this article helpful in understanding why an Amazon Hub Locker Counter or Counter can be a great way for you to improve your online shopping experience.

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