How to Make Money on Snifffr Selling Used Panties?

Since the pandemic (now hopefully behind us), many people have moved online to seek new financial opportunities. All of us are looking for ways to make money online that don’t require us to work in a 9-5 cubical, which can become tedious and even depressing.

You can learn side hustles such as ETSY store and wholesale real property in just one trip to social media. Some people believe that the best way to make money is to use less popular avenues such as Onlyfans, or the market to earn extra cash.

There are many websites that sell used underwear and panties. These sites are full of buyers eager to buy your undergarments.

It’s a great way to quickly make money selling used panties online. Some people have made $3,000 in their first month with Snifffr. This is likely to be a side hustle that offers you as much as your heart desires. You can make a decent living selling used panties online if you put in the effort and market yourself well.

Use the Marketplace to Find Used Underwear

There are many fetishes that can be associated with any item, just like everything else. Some people love feet while others enjoy a more vanilla experience. Some people, such as many clients of Snifffr, prefer to use panties to awaken certain sexual feelings. A pair of panties that a woman wears and is then mailed to them can make them feel more awake.

Although there have been numerous studies and attempts to determine the root cause, this fetish market is still thriving. As long as consenting adults are involved, it doesn’t do any harm.

There is a large market for used pantyhose and pantyhose.

According to the Japanese, underwear sniffing was actually started in Japan. They used Burusera shops which had underwear with photos of the women who wore it. They even used vending machines. Local pornography laws were changed in 1999, and online venues such as emerged.

What is Snifffr?

To be eligible for Snifffr you must be at least 18 years old and have a unique username. You can choose to be anonymous and sign up using your stage name. However, there are some risks that people might want to reach you.

Sign up using your username, password, and email. You will be able to choose whether you are a seller or a buyer. Select seller in this instance.

To get started, you can sign up for a free account and learn the basics. Then you can move on to a premium account which offers more options but requires you to pay $9 per month. This fee is automatically charged to your credit cards.

Your date of birth will be required. This information will appear on your profile. Your country of residence will be required as it is used to calculate shipping costs. This allows you to provide psychical information such as your hair color, eye color, and body measurements. More information is better. People will likely be interested in what you have to say.

An average selling price per pair of panties for any given panty ranges from $30 to $50. The average selling price for a pair of panties is about $30-$50 per pair. This is a strange fact.

It is important that Snifffr doesn’t handle the transaction. Instead, you make a deal with the buyer, then agree to use payment methods such as Venmo or Google Pay.

Snifffr uses a Fake Check system. You will need to write Snifffr along with the current date on a piece of paper. Take a picture of you wearing the underwear while the paper is still out. This is done to make sure everyone gets what they pay for.

You can anonymously market your underwear without revealing your face. It is up to you to decide how much of your body to display. You get more if you give more.

There are many options in the female underwear collection. You can choose to focus on underwear, stockings, socks, bras, and pantyhose or meet special requests from customers. There are many ways to hide your face with so many options.

Is it possible to make money on Snifffr?

Do not believe the hype of people who have never been to the market. There are many ways to make a decent living with Snifffr. However, it is not easy. It is up to you to find the best formula for you and your goals.

You will find men looking for “freebies”, and they will waste your time trying to get more than you are willing to share. Snifffr has a niche site, so most people are aware of what they’re doing, but not all act accordingly.

Snifffr accounts are just as important as starting a small business. It is important to increase interest in your product, attract new buyers and keep production lines open. Many people who begin selling panties eventually move into sexting or offer other media services via the platform to increase their earning potential.

There is a chance to make a lot of money if you’re willing to work hard. Keep in mind that platforms do not exist for no reason. These items are in demand, so even though there may be some obstacles, you will still make a profit.

How can you succeed against many odds?

Snifffr buyers are purchasing an experience. They smell your scent and not fabric. Your chances of increasing your sales are greater if you provide more detail and include photos.

This includes your biographical information. When they purchase something, people like to hear a story. When creating an online persona, tell them a compelling back story that targets certain markets such as influential businesswomen and the college coed.

Basic SEO should include searchable text that is relevant to your target market. You can also go on Reddit and browse the various subreddits for panty-sniffing. This will provide you with a great insight into the people’s panty explorations.

Buyers want a connection with a little intimacy. They are looking for something that surprises them and makes them feel like they care about you as much as you do. You’re selling a fantasy and that takes a little bit of enticement.

Trust capital is the foundation of any online business. It’s important to market yourself authentically on multiple platforms. Buyers want to see your complete online profile in other places to confirm that you are the person you claim to be.

Protect yourself from scammers

Some buyers may try to scam you for products, personal information, or payment credentials. If you aren’t prepared, there may be some bumpy roads because you are setting up your own negotiations.

The Sugar Daddy Scam is one such trap. You will be contacted by potential buyers. They promise big things like you will be their Sugar Baby and send them daily/weekly updates images and videos. The trust fee is $50. You then get your monthly allowance.

This is a fraud! Any man asking for money is, not genuine. They want money and personal information, which can lead to identity theft or worse. This situation should be avoided at all costs.

To get a better idea of the potential dangers, you should first check out the Reddit scammer accounts and attempts list. The pros and cons

Snifffr, like most socially engaged websites, relies on comments and reviews to prove that you deliver what you promised and are as authentic as you claim. This means that you’re just as likely to receive a positive review as a bad one.

Many negative reviews are left by sellers who had a poor to average experience with Snifffr, while there are many great reviews from buyers who had a good time.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Decent privacy and verification tools
  • Making money is possible
  • Many extras at low subscription rates
  • Anybody over 18 may sell
  • High anonymity


  • Scammers exist
  • No payment processing
  • Many dudes ask for freebies

Top Alternatives to Snifffr Sites

When you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to throw everything at the wall and see if anything sticks. You can try a few platforms until you build a following and a working formula that brings you some money.

You can also sell your used panties or other gear on a variety of websites. Reddit is the best place to start. Reddit has a wealth of private sales that you can make, as well as a vibrant community of members who will support your genuine efforts.

Snifffr’s largest competitor SofiaGray also offers a place for used underwear, thongs or lingerie sets. You can also compete in the following:

I want to learn more about myself, where should I go?

The best resource online for learning how to sell your used panties online is run by Dalma Rosa. You will find a lot of helpful articles and blog content as well as the Pantyselling Podcast. To help you succeed in this industry, you can also get her Pantypreneur planner.

Conclusion | Make Money on Snifffr Selling Used Panties

No matter what you choose to do next, don’t be afraid of trying new things and going at your own pace. Snifffr allows you to sell your old underwear. This is an exciting experience and you will want to explore all options to make the most of this side hustle. We also recommend How to make money selling feet photos on FeetFinder as an alternative business to Snifffr.

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