How to Make Money Selling Used Socks?

Would you consider selling used socks? This is an intriguing question that will leave most people speechless for a second.

Before you make any decisions, remember that there are many people who want to purchase used socks. Also, used socks are in demand just like feet photos and used pants. This market is dominated by people who own socks! It’s a market where we don’t see any drop in demand.

If you are looking for a side hustle (I wonder who isn’t? these days), or a way to make extra money, it is very unlikely that you will find something so unique. Selling used socks online is a unique idea.

Don’t be discouraged: Most people won’t think of any other option unless it is mainstream. How to sell clothes, shoes, and watches? Just think, I want to buy my socks. So niche. This is a promising niche market in that you can not only make extra money but also your main business venture.

It’s possible, you might be asking. It’s possible. The sock fetishists are the main financiers of the multi-million-dollar used sock industry.

Fetish: Buying used socks

The current economic climate is challenging and you don’t have a better time to invest a few dollars here and there. It’s clear that the sock fetish market is real. It can also be very lucrative.

It is difficult to determine how common the fetish is in your area. It’s especially difficult to know how common something is, especially when it involves something so simple as socks and dirty feet. It’s something everyone can do.

The sock fetishists will want the socks you make while you exercise, mow the grass, walk the dog, or just take off after a hard day. It doesn’t matter what, so long as the socks you are selling are dirty socks.

Underground Fetish Market

Underground fetish. Although it may sound like I’m going to reveal the location of this market (demand), it isn’t. It’s actually right in front of everyone – provided you know where to look.

What’s more? The fetishist community isn’t limited to a particular country or cyberspace. They are found in many different places and on many platforms.

There are people out there who will buy your dirty socks at regular locations, like this Reddit group.

You can find sellers there who have already taken advantage of the high demand for their used socks by placing them in sale ads. Alice_Roux19 was one of them. She posted the thread entitled: ‘Heading home from a long walk.

You won’t be able to tell if you weren’t paying attention or were completely unaware of the foot fetishes.

You would have to be a curious cat to ask Alice_Roux19 how they got home from a long, sunny afternoon walk. This is the underground sock-fetish community hidden in plain sight.

E-commerce’s Major Players Benefit from Socks Fetishists

There are many forums and chatrooms that provide good people who will buy your socks. The e-commerce industry isn’t left out.

There is a community of foot fetishists that you can buy and sell dirty socks for cool dough. You can include used socks.

This theory can be tested if you wish.

This is how it works: Search for well-worn socks on Etsy. You’ll be amazed at the number of listings that you will find.

Are you able to make money selling used socks?

Short answer: Yes.Long answer: Continue reading…

This is the most important question that comes to my mind when I think about selling used socks. Let’s analyze the listing by SkimpyScarlett over Reddit to find a practical solution.

SkimpyScarlett’s white, dirty ankle socks will set you back PS12 (roughly $16.40). This seems pretty reasonable to me. PS12 is SkimpyScarlett’s starting price. SkimpyScarlett may have more unique and rare socks that we will be interested in. We would need to spend more to buy any of these socks.

Remember that we aren’t the only ones buying these socks. We may prefer white socks that can be worn to work. Others may prefer black, well-worn, unwashed stockings for fetishists. Because everyone’s kinks may be different.

SkimpyScarlett actually sells socks made from different materials and conditions to fulfill different fetishes. They could easily make 3-5 sales per hour. An average PS50 is $68.10. It is possible to calculate how much one can make in a given week.

We are just being modest. TeamYMD has proven that they can make thousands of dollars per month while selling one pair of shoes for an astounding $125. Imagine that!

How do I sell my used socks online?

It’s time to get our feet wet! Let’s find out what it will take to get our socks wet and then sell them online for some cool cash.

Once you have decided that selling dirty socks online is the right gig for you then the next step is to plan how you will start making money.

These are some things you need to remember when you’re trying to satisfy sock fetishists.

1. What You Need to Do When Choosing a Platform

Many sellers of used socks don’t have their own websites. This is because it will be difficult to find buyers. They rely on existing platforms or websites to sell their products.

These platforms, such as SofiaGray, specialize in selling sexually explicit materials and target a specific market. Reddit and Etsy see plenty of foot fetishists browsing the web looking for their desires. It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

2. Membership costs

Many niche platforms charge a fee to allow you to sell used socks. The fee is necessary to keep the site online and it reminds you that you must take your business seriously.

Sellers who are just starting out may be hesitant to pay the fees. Although it may seem prohibitive for some sellers, it is a reasonable cost to get something so rewarding.

3. Get to Know Their Audience

Many of these erotica platforms are focused on niches and submarkets. This attracts more users to the site but your niche might not be as well-known.

Do not make the mistake to sign up for a site and then find out that your niche receives very little traffic if any.

4. Check Their Visibilities on The Web

You can search for used socks for sale. Every site that you’re interested in should be listed on Google’s first page. Buyers won’t be able to find the site if they don’t know where to look.

How to Sell Used Socks Successfully

These are quick tips to help you sell used socks.

Tip 1 – Get Active in the Community

Do not be just a robot that sells dirty socks, then disappears again to be heard from when the next sale is on.

Tip 2 – Upload a Profile pic and write a bio

The majority of the sock fetish community remains anonymous. You can still upload a photo (you don’t need to show your face) and some text about yourself.

Tip #3: Only high quality

Even though your socks smell and are dirty, still sell high-quality, clean socks and clear pictures.

These days, all mobile phones come with photo-enhancing tools. You can increase the brightness and contrast of your taken photos. You can also use an online photo editing program like Photopea.

You could hire someone else to do it. Fiverr can be a good option as it’s inexpensive and offers a one-stop shop to design graphics, photo editing, or logo designs.

Have your content done well, not cheap.

Tip #4: Find out What the Buyer Wants Before Asking

Fetishists might have their own quirks but they prefer that you can magically achieve what you want without having to ask. Listen to the buyers and adapt your products to meet their needs.

Tip 5 – Learn from Your Competitors

Learn from others and look at what they are doing. Take a look at their profiles and listings as well as their overall presence. You don’t need to duplicate everything. Learn and improve how you manage your business.


This may seem obvious, but your ability to sell used socks online is a key factor in whether or not you succeed.

It’s like any other business venture. To help it grow, you will need hard work, consistency, and commitment.

You’ll be able to succeed if you give it your all.

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